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2019 6th Edition (Other Editions)

We all have different life goals, which often come with a price tag. However, reaching these goals can be challenging as regular saving plans may not be in place. Saving means sacrificing your current spending for the future. Besides the obvious benefits of saving, it actually helps you control and limit your current spending behavior in order to better prepare for the future.

A young lawyer who is considering studying a Master’s degree in the US and wants to seek advice on financial planning. Although she has a decent income, she did not have any saving habits and tended to spend most of her income each month. Fortunately, influenced by her peers, she realized the importance of saving and the need to establish a financial plan. She was determined to change her spending habit and decided to seek for financial advice. After consulting us, she received coaching on asset allocation and was able to establish a structured saving plan in order to reach her goals. Now, she is confident in monitoring her budget so that her saving goals can be met.

Establishing your own saving plan can be challenging, but it can be achieved through consulting with a financial advisor who walks hand-in-hand with you in your financial journey.